Album Preview: Phoenix – Bankrupt!

posted by on february 27, 2013 at 12:49 pm in Album Previews

In 2009, Phoenix released Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; to be honest, I had heard very little of Phoenix until this even though their first release was in 2000. Nevertheless, this gem rocketed Phoenix into the spotlight, getting up to the 37th spot on the US charts, where none of their previous albums had even charted. But enough of their history, what about their future?! Phoenix will be releasing their 5th studio album, Bankrupt!, on April 22nd. Will their newfound glory cause them to experiment more on this new album? Or will they keep with their old sounds and be the Phoenix many have come to know and love? Their latest single, “Entertainment”, is just what I was hoping for – classic Phoenix while being notably differently. Let’s hope the rest of the album can bring a similar flavor.

songs from the album



01. Entertainment
02. The Real Thing
03. SOS in Bel Air
04. Trying to Be Cool
05. Bankrupt!
06. Drakkar Noir
07. Chloroform
08. Don’t
09. Bourgeois
10. Oblique City


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